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East Coast Alien {{value}} {{symbol}}Eca {{category}}Sativa

East Coast Alien

4.6| 13 Reviews

What is East Coast Alien?

East Coast Alien is an energetic sativa-dominant strain with pungent OG flavors. The buds are tangled in pistils and the aroma of gasoline, and the exhale is forest floor and mint. Effects come quickly, imbuing the consumer with an uplifted tranquility that dissolves stress and woe after a long day. The buzz is inspiring without being overstimulating, creating a balanced sativa buzz to assist in staying active, finishing chores, or simply enhancing mood.  


Where to Buy East Coast Alien

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East Coast Alien Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

East Coast Alien Genetics and Grow Info

East Coast Alien Flavors

  • 1. Mint
  • 2. Diesel
  • 3. Earthy

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“A very good morning/mid day smoke, ECA normally has high THC content ranging in the mid 20%. Definitely has strong diesel aroma, light green coated in gorgeous white trichromes with some orange hairs. Good for staying productive, you can still function.”

Most Recent

“Holy cow what a POTENT strain this is! It takes 2 powerhouse strains and makes them better! The buds look like a typical diesel shape, cone with fingers coming off. Color is a deep green with tight dark orange hairs and covered in white trichomes. It doesn't reek of diesel despite the NYCD in it, more of a slight stink of it underneath a mellow musky tone. The high is great NYCD head high with a fairly powerful (but ...”


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