Firewalker OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A legit upbeat, euphoric couchlock mind fuck is the best way I can describe it. Such an incredible high.”

  • “I went on a journey listening to echoes by pink floyd. Would highly recommend.”

  • “FIRE...walker ... Must say another heavy hitter, want that couch look, really relaxed feeling then try this strain always a good one for the aches and pains..”

  • “One of my top three. And that says a lot cause there's so many strains out there. Firewalker og is an amazing mindfuck. Like it says, the effects are sativa dominant. All the sudden out of nowhere this shit had me and my friend giggling hysterically at absolutely nothing for thirty minutes straight. It was defintely a moment of near insanity. Looking back I think we were laughing at how ridiculously high thi...”

  • “Burst of happiness & energy. Similar to a senzu bean if you watched dragonball z ! Definitely something for the morning. Gets you focused”

  • “Very nice Sativa effects. Great to start your day off. Gets me through a 4 and even 6 hour shift with my daily struggles I medicate for.”

  • “Beautiful buds but underwhelming effects. Pine-y scent. Pine-y flavor. Relaxing.”

  • “If you want to wear a path by walking in circles around a tree in Washington Square Park while mumbling some Haiku this is the your ticket.”