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Green Goblin Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “🎶...7 STARS..Good morning! Wake'n Bake'n my Chronic Fatigue away with GG..feelin' groovey.. peaced-out Quiet, Uplifted, Calm, Creative, Elevated, Mindful & Focused_ Arthritis/Chronic Pain is lessened now soo I am ready to goooo!..Feeling Free-Clear-Minded, Assured, Enlightened, Intuitive, Loving, Compassionate..a Great healing day aHead..*Thanks to Marjoe of YHS for the spot-on recommendation😍... Arizonas Green Gob...”

  • “Once again the folks at Cherry City Compassion nailed their recommendation - after I told them about my arthritis pain, Seve pinned the edible spot on, one of the peanut butter kief bars, and Wylie(sp?) recommended Green Goblin and dude - the pain's gone, completely. I would strongly recommend this medication to anyone suffering from arthritis pains. To my surprise tho, no paranoia at all and I feel quite "euphoric"...”

  • “Buds: Very pungent smell almost like a strong diesel. The buds in general were fairly decent size with lots of trichs and very sticky. They were a bit fluffy but for the most part there are practically no stems. Smoke/Quality: We rolled a joint of about .75 just to get a test of it. The first few hits had almost a sweet kind of taste. The joint burned evenly and extremely smooth. A very tasty strain to try. Every...”

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    “I did a few bowls and didn't feel high so I did a few more and then I hit me like a train. After 4 bowls I was high off my ass and could barely walk. I became paranoid and lost all track of time. Time seemed to slow down. Eyes got extremely dry. When walking in the dark outside in the breeze I felt like I was flying.”

  • “Oh shit it's definitely a hard hitter it's a heavy spacey stone kinda disorienting the buds are fire as Fuck dicks and has a lemon grapefruit woody smell”

  • “First and foremost I feel I need to preface this by saying I only vape when consuming flower so it may color this review in one direction or another. I just want to put it out there before someone says they had a completely difference experience. Full disclosure I use The Crafty for my consumption and set the temperature to 185 degrees Celsius so I don't assume to know which exact cannabanoids I have avoided. For the...”

  • “I love green goblin, it is one of my favorites! I have been smoking regularly (at least 3 bowls per day) for 6 years now and out of all the different types of chronic I've tried I would put green goblin in the top 3. I am enjoying some as we speak! It takes a special kind of bud to really get me high now, but this does the trick! I have been getting very high all day and I love it! :)”

  • “Picked up a Quarter Ounce a couple weeks ago and i'm glad i did. The strain really leaves you feeling super euphoric and happy and content just listening to music for hours, leaves you with a amazing feeling and the come down is nice and relaxed, without a doubt one of my new favourites”