Hawaiian Dream Reviews

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  • “This bright and happy mixture of Maui Waui and Blue Dreams makes my heart skip a beat! I. Am. In. Love. Quite seriously and literally with everything. With my boyfriend, with my dog, with the weed I just smoked, with this peanut butter and banana sandwich I'm eating (holy crap I am IN LOVE with this sandwich!)... I feel so positive, like nothing could ever bring me down again, and I think I've declared this strain "m...”

  • “Big fan of the CBD strains (typically indica) so I thought I'd try this for a change. Picked up the Moani Naturals 7.29 thc 12.22 cbd. Def no mental fog at all and or paranoia(usually sativa strains don't agree with me at all). Good balance between mind/body and certainly does help with chronic back pain. Makes me feel motivated to take on a large task. Buds smell absolutely delicious with very sweet yet delica...”

  • “This has to be the best strain ever! It just makes you feel relaxed, warm, comfortable and quiets your mind! I don't get that paranoid feeling or bad feeling like I have done something wrong like I did with other strains. It just makes you feel good, period! The reason I started smoking flower again was because of chronic pain and I can attest this strain is great for pain. The lower THC content and higher CBD c...”

  • “Forgot to tack this onto my other HD review, and it won't let me do it now so....here we go with my latest experience with HD.... Wow, is all I can say. I have chronic pain and this literally numbs it away. I tried it today for the first time by itself (I was mixing it with other stuff before) and I thought it would not get me stoned. I was wrong. The version I got in the form of a joint is from Moani Farms in Seattl...”

  • “This is one of my favorite strains. I've never been uncomfortably high after smoking this, Which is something I'm always cautious of. I'd recommend it for new smokers and lightweights like myself. It's a very clear and light high, so you can remain active and functional. I think my favorite thing about this strain is that it just puts me in a great mood. I wouldn't call it euphoric... it makes you feel like you're ha...”

  • “This strain is perfect for the soccer mom or professional on the go. Relaxes your body, eases pain (amazingly well), and gives your spirit a slight lift. Very nice!”

  • “My daily aches and pains strain. 10+ years of construction work has left me with a worn out achy body. With a little help from Hawaiian Dream I'm ready for the next 10. Incredible taste and smell, like a fruity tropical cocktail with a splash of piney gin. The high CBD (11.52) and low THC (3.83) eases away the pain and leaves for clear headed and energized. Very enjoyable.”

  • “One of my favorite strains. Extremely high in CBD which was amazing for any type of pain. Still got a decent buzz from it and maintained focus.”