Hawaiian Reviews

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  • “Hawaiian smells really tropical and sweet with a little citrus thrown in but it tastes almost like nothing it's just really sweet it's like sugar there's no taste its just sweet , so I geuss the way to describe the taste is sugar cane. The effects come on quite quick right to the head really buzzy sativa crazy boost of motivation and energy I have ADD and this helps a lot with my needing to stay focused. Colors are m...”

  • “Upon reading the previous reviews of this happy little strain I felt it was necessary to go on a mission to get me some of my own. It was quite easy to find a place that had some, thank you Colorado. I was quite happy when I smelt the fluffy rich buds. It wasn't like anything I have ever smelt before. Everything about this strain is positive. Smells even better while you grind it, and it makes your keef catcher ...”

  • “The history of Pakalōlō (the Hawaiian word for cannabis meaning: crazy or numbing tobacco; paka = tobacco, lōlō = crazy or numbing) in Hawai’i is a subject shrouded in mystery and myth, lost in the aromatic mists of time, similar to the now extinct dinosaurs of the hit movie Jurassic Park filmed here on the breathtaking Hawaiian islands we call home. As those of us lucky enough to have deeply inhaled sweet pungent m...”

  • “One of my top three and a childhood favorite. Nice fruity smell and ironically smells like Hawaii. Very good strain and is a must have. You have to try this strain sometime throughout your life.”

  • “Hawaiian sativa is an interesting strain for me. Potent with a high THC concentration, smoking this flower out of a basic glass pipe, there were two sides. On one hand, I packed a fairly large bowl, smoke daily, and this bud got me straight up blazed. My girlfriend said it made me overly sarcastic and annoying, which, in part, was due to her being completely sober. Also, the day after, many parts of my body feel infl...”

  • “Hawaiian is an amazing and tasty sativa with a very mellow head high. stress and irritability become much more manageable with this delicious strain. I've only been able to get it as a concentrate and so this review is based on all of the other strains I've experienced in shatter form. This strain doesn't hit you with full effects immediately but you'll be too busy to notice the rest of the effects trickling in. ...”

  • “Wow. I have had this strain a couple of times and my most recent experience was phenomenal. I smoked a very small amount (under .25) and the effects lasted for a long time. This strain tastes very very sweet and possibly like pineapple. The effects include euphoria and relaxation as well as slight hypnosis. Very strong but truly a sativa and you have perfect focus whilst on this strain. One feels very creative and fo...”

  • “This weed is extremely fluffy and light making just a couple grams look like a normal eighth. With it's greenish blue color and light orange hairs, it brings a delicious tropical flavor that is very enjoyable. I just wish it were a little more potent, 3.5/5”