Jack the Ripper Reviews

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  • “Although this strain is an energizing sativa with happy and euphoric effects, it is still unlike many other sativas. Instead of a fast hitting, heavy head high, Jack the Ripper eases you into a powerful stone not overwhelmed by excessive head heaviness. As a person with constant medium to high levels of anxiety, I can tell you instead of producing high levels of anxiety and paranoia like a wide amount of sativa strai...”

  • “Absolutely fantastic sativa! One of the best strains if had in the past 10 years. The high THC content will knock your socks off and the high lasts for 3-4 hours solid. I have brain cancer so I deal with different health issues such as pain, and this strain works extremely well controlling pain, nausea, and vertigo. The bud is covered in beautiful crystals and smells like straight up skunk! It is right up there with ...”

  • “Alright so I have to say this. When this is grown right, it is amazing, but really intense! If you have a low tolerance, then you might want to limit yourself. I smoked some of this out of 1 joint with my buddy and about 1 or 2 hits from a bong and I was higher than I've ever been. Definite feelings of euphoria and munchies, eliminates pain, makes you think a lot, can be a really good high if taken in moderation. Pic...”

  • “DO NOT smoke if you are having bad anxiety. I had some stress about life, mostly from a girl and this strain messed with my head so bad. It amplified all my fears till I broke down in a massive panic attack. Just be careful on this one.”

  • “Shit got me feeling ripped to pieces what a beautiful mess haha its great tho' got me enjoying everything around me at the Present time shit what a gift we have to have to be alive today and see the ones we love again awake and living. Lets remember to keep the memory of those who have past before us stay alive in our present time. Respects to the most high,OneLove.”

  • “Genetics: Hybrid-Pluton X Purple Haze X Lambsbread X NL X Jack Herer X Romulan X Cindy99BCGA Smell: Really sweet, like a piece of fresh juicy fruit gum or a tart candy. It has a very sweet aromatic pungency that smells like a candy store with a very soft scent of ganja. Taste: Like lemon haze with a hash undertone and cotton candy on the exhale. Buzz Type: Intense, trippy, visual, phase shifting increase...”

  • “35y/o male European and Native American descent, O negative blood, no allergies. Fasted for 16+ hours. Vaped ground flower from a plenty vaporizer @ around 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Mood before medicating: good not great, fair mood, I'd say, I'm in bed with a hurt knee so that should say how I feel right there. I've smoked nearly an 1/8th of Jack the Ripper, which I consider enough times to give a fair review. The ...”

  • “Got it in the weekend. Smells awesome. Smokes great. The high really creeps up on you, and when it hits it most definitely hits. Makes me kinda talkative...at least more than other strains. Good shit.”