Jamaican Pearl Reviews

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  • “Upon my trip to Germany with my band, we happened to get hold of someone that grew this strain. The strain made our stay in Germany the best part of our tour, because we stayed outside in parks just making music all day for our entire stay. Excellent for outdoor stoners.”

  • “This is one of my absolute favorite strains to date. I smoke everyday and this is the cheapest stuff at the dispensary i go to (Sun Valley Caregivers) and its my favorite. $20 bucks an eight on happy hour, hellz yea. The high is really cheery and uplifting. I vaped it and the high lasts about 1.5-2 hrs. Pick some up to try it atleast once, and turn on some Bob Marley or The Expendables and just enjoy :]”

  • “I was lucky enough to first try this strain about 9 years ago. The smell of the herb had a pleasant sweet spiciness, but nothing remarkable. It was well flushed and cured, and had a light, sweet taste with no harshness. I have never since experienced such a relieving calm from any other strains. It was like the herb had removed a heavy jacket of stress and worry, which I was previously unaware of wearing. I was livi...”

  • “Some very medical stuff. After using this strain I immediately felt I could use the day to do anything I wanted and had no anxiety about any upcoming bull the world wanted to hand to me today. I definitely feel more creative and also more focused and a great urge to learn more about things I like and indulge in hobbies. Last time I remember feeling like this is when I took one pill of an anti-anxiety Klonopin way bac...”

  • “Managed to get my hands on some Jamaican Pearl a week ago and its rather good ! I mainly smoke Indica strains but decided to try a Sativa this time round. Its a creeper, so after smoking, it takes about 10 minutes for the high to kick in, but when it does - its amazing. Its a very sleepy, relaxing high, stress relieving, but no couch lock, you should still be able to use your mobile phone, watch tv, have a shower etc...”

  • vet

    “hello leafologists hah. picked up 1/4 oz of this for $30 a gram. not bad. first off let me start off by saying, i am a legal patient with a prescription. one thing i picked up on during my time as a solider was a good nose. let me tell you that Jamaican Pearl is probably one of a kind. it smelled deeply of Kentucky blue grass blended with store-brand dark chocolate chip cookies. May not sound all that impressive but ...”

  • “Super euphoric, happy high. Bud looks really natural and weak but tears you apart. Extraordinary feeling of happiness, like paradise, one of my all time favorites.”

  • “Exceptionally up-lifting. It feels like your in the Caribbean straight chilling within an abode made of sand. Aw yes, the Gold pineapple sun just soaking the body warm with rays. Seriously awesome positive feel. You can see why the Rastafarians like to smoke BECAUSE of this. Reggae good for the soul mon.”