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Magnum PI

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What is Magnum PI?

Magnum PI is a sativa-dominant strain with its genetic origins cloaked in a Hawaiian shirt of pure mystery. This stimulating cross, supposedly created by Seahorse Gardens near the Puget Sound, exhibits hints of citrus and sweet earth on the nose. The effects have been described as clear-headed and stimulating, which makes this strain a perfect accompaniment for outdoor activities.

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Magnum PI Effects and Attributes

Dry Mouth

Magnum PI Flavors

  • 1. Orange
  • 2. Citrus
  • 3. Tropical

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“This is exactly what I like in a sativa; clear head-ed high, relief of low-level pain, uplifting, non-drowsy, non-munchie inducing and relaxing. Magnum PI, at first impression, is boss. It's effortless to function as normal even at the peak of stonieness and the high fades away, no tired crash.”

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“On the exhale the orange and citrus flavors cling to your taste buds while you wait for the fun to begin. A mellow uplifting happiness comes from out of nowhere to say hello. Soon after you realize how clear headed you feel. Almost like your mental A game just turned on, despite what time of day or night it is. I decided to smoke an entire bowl the 2nd round, and the results were just a little different. Feel a lil m...”


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