Moby Dick Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A wonderful strain. The bud that I received was very beautiful. it was a green almost blue with many yellow glands. The smoke is smooth and slight piney taste. A great medication to de-stress and unwind. Put in a CD and kick it on the lazy boy. It Would put a grin on your face, and made me a tad bit giggly with extra medicating. Over all A great strain that can get you there.”

  • “Moby Dick is an amazing Sativa hybrid. MD contains THCV which give the high a magical psychedelic effect. The high is strong and immediate. Positive energies move through mind and body and remain for hours. However there is no jittery paranoia from the Sativa at all, just bliss. The smell is one of toffee and vanilla. The buds are big,, solid, and golden. MD test out as high as 24% THC. It the closest cannabi...”

  • “made me feel like a journalist who gives great news when I spoke !! =)”

  • “Potent. Gave me tingles along my head and arms. Delightful for smoking with friends. Will acquire again, post haste.”

  • “Acquired a gram of moby dick from a local dispensary. Was one solid nug and smelled like classic white widow! Great strain for daily activities and leaves you focused and not spaced out when getting things done. Definitely recommend”

  • “Beautifully euphoric. Very uplifting. Quick-hitting, and surprisingly focused without anxiety. This was my first "true" sativa, or at least the most sativa-ish hybrid I've experienced. I followed up with Hash Plant, which is about equal strength-wise in the other direction (pure indica) a few hours later and wound up wishing I'd just stuck with Moby Dick. Most creative strain I've come across as well.”

  • “Very talkative high and great Sativa! Very impressed with this strain so far and it's got a great sweet citrus taste. We are going to need bigger boat times for this whale of a strain.”

  • “Moby Dick ( Dinafem Seeds) With 2 or 3 joints, you'll be hit by a strong high. Relaxed and euphoric, conversation and laughting will rise up. After a time of happyness and social activity, the head will be heavy, and the mind sleepy... A stronger and stronger stoned feeling will appear. Exprienced with friends in the evening, was a great moment. In first, earthy and citrus flavour in the smoke, and then a good che...”