Northern Lights #5 x Haze Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I tried this strain at the 1993 cannabis cup in Amsterdam. sweeeeeeet goodness, thumb's up”

  • “I'm shocked this is listed as a "new" strain. I had one of the best grows ever using NL5 x Haze back in 1993 with seed brought back from Holland, where iirc it won the cup about the same time period. It put everything else at that time to shame - both over there, and once back home. Very, very instantaneous mental effect and relief of any nausea, followed by total couchlock if overindulged.... as in please, for the l...”

  • “Absolutely amazing. I honestly have never expercined such an amazing high. You can use it as daytime and nightime. It won't keep you up like an strong Sativa, but it won't couchlock you either. The taste & smell is very good as well.”

  • “Beautiful dark green buds laced with orange hair and caked with crystals. Smells of sweet earthy pine. Doesn't bust out very large but the vapor is smooth and fairly thick. Feeling pretty baked after .2 however not much motivation at all. Later... Well I slept. Northern Lights is definitely coming through in a big way on this strain. If it was just some random weed I was smoking to get high I'd be fine but thi...”

  • “Literally the greatest marijuana I have ever smoked. The anxiety relief and calmness of the NTL was clear and the haze cerebral experience resulted in blissful synergy. I didn't think that it could get better than straight haze but I was wrong and so glad that I tried this strain. If you see it on the menu don't pass it up. This is incredible bud. I never thought I'd be able to name a favorite strain until I trie...”

  • “Really good stuff if you need to get things done. Find it to be a lot like hempstar except the NL shines through a bit more in this.”

  • “Nugs are dark green, with purple leaves and reddish-orange hairs. The nugs have a pungent, earthy-citrus taste, with faint spiciness.. Easy to break up. Smoke is smooth, with a strong tobacco taste. The buzz is immediate and relaxing. Great for anxiety/depression.”

  • “It has beautiful white tricomes. It smells of good old skool skunk bud with elements of pungent citrus. I would like to read and see more pictures and reviews. Smokes like a charm.”