Orange Wreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A descendent of the Cali classic Train Wreck, Orange Wreck is a nice sativa dominant strain with a hodge-podge of pine, funk, and fermented orange scents. I've found that this strain works well when mixed with a chill OG strain, such as SFV OG, Larry OG or Ill OG. As a stand alone, Orange Wreck is great MEDICINE for reducing anxiety, fighting fatigue and depression, and providing cerebral stimulation that increases c...”

  • “This was the first time i bough 1/4 it also happend to be the worst strain i have ever tried. i rolled myself and 2 other friend an rather big joint each, none of us where high. We tried with my bubbler and nothing more. The only thing we got was a headache. I once again rolled myself a few joints , i got a bit hight but nothing much. I would not recommend this to anyone.”