Outlaw Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Immediately felt uplifted! I would definitely recommended this strain for groups because the conversations are so much better after a hit of this stuff. Eyes got a little dry but that's because I didn't have the urge to blink for like 3 full minutes.”

  • “Very very good, I smoked it and with in 5 minutes I was happy and clear headed without a worry in the world”

  • “I loaded up my pipe with ground 'Outlaw' bud. The first draw was a unique mix of sweetened spice and pine. The first hit threw me into a coughing jag and after the next few hits I felt the first wave of numbing followed by a few random ideas flowing in my head connecting to each other giving me a profound awareness and realization that I was about to get seriously baked as a result of my present act. This then progre...”

  • “One of my new favorites. Very quickly received an any stress and happier than ever. Perfect for anxiety. Also had the ability to either nap or get things done. Good anytime of the day.”

  • “just in the middle of growing this strain .and reading all the good I new picked a winner”

  • “So nice got an nice high within mins. No problems leaving me pretty spaced out.”

  • “I had my first run-in with this strain in Washington about two weeks ago. I've been smoking for a while, and I feel.....pretty immune. Two hits of this and I'm GONE. Wonderfully uplifting, tastes great, hits like a German tank. Couldn't ask for more.”

  • “Subpar effects. Quick acting but fades rapidly. Mildly relieved shoulder pain. Energy provided but after a couple of hours I was couch bound and in need of a stronger med.”