Pineapple Jack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “For me, this strain is more on the milder side, and definitely a great example of what you want in a sativa med. Creative, focused, and stressfree is the best way to describe this strain. Simply put: with this strain I know I am in an anxious situation, I just can't get anxious about it. Great medication for daytime/work/productive day.”

  • hi2

    “Wonderful strain. Erases anxiety an puts a smile on your face. Perfect for mid morning/early afternoon.”

  • “This stuff is pretty good I got a small sample and it gets me there. Nice structure on these flowers big dense cluster of beautiful greens, oranges and reds even a goldish tint in some places. The smell is good pineapple of course with a hint earthy skunkness. The high is great very euphoric and relaxing, calming I might add. Took the dog for a walk in the park after partaking in some of this and it made an average w...”

  • “This is my new favorite strain. It has everything you need, and it packs a powerful punch within a few puffs.”

  • “The flavor is fantastic especially when vaporized with he pax. The high is super uplifting and relaxing.”

  • “has a softer pineapple flavor but don't let that stop you. lightly medicated feels great body relaxation and moderate uplifting. moderately medicated feels nice and stony but heart rate up and feel like you could clean the house. heavily medicated has heavy red eyes, great body vibes and a bit munchy-fied.”

  • “you remember Mac Dre (rip) "Genie Of The Lamp" album cover? I feel like that. good morning/daytime strain.”

  • “great taste hit gd,,,dat strong throat hit (hold da homo)& great focused & motivated high,,gd gas 93,,,soufside 202 #Highlife”