Purple Champagne Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Pungent berry smell, reminds me a bit of wine or kombucha. Tastes sweet. Mostly it doesn't make you cough at all, but occasionally it'll catch you and you'll cough pretty aggressively. A very alert, tingly high. Perfect for doing things around the house or playing video games.”

  • “The name says it all. Got a gram from "Top Shelf" in washington from issaquah rec shop. Took a ride across the cascades and lost my train of thought mid sentence. Shortly there after i found myself following a mcdonalds semi truck zoning out on the french fries. Once i hit civilization food was first on the list followed by more purple champagne. Rinse and repeat. Lowers your IQ significantly for about an hour.”

  • “This is a HYBRID! After popping 40 of these seeds, the ones I like the best are the most Indica pheno types. I am going to spread it around like crazy, and to call this a sativa is pretty misleading. How do I get this changed to hybrid?”

  • “I got a fourth from the dispensary in brockton Ma. VERY GOOD!! instant numbing effect for hours. works great for pain and also for insomnia.. going back to get more..the level 29% LUV IT!!!”

  • “This is a very solid Sativa, gives out an abundant amount of focus, alertness and energy while also appealing to the likes of an indica that provides that heavy high...real solid strain”

  • “marketed as indica/hybrid I expected a more sedated feeling. I was happy to find my anxiety and anger from my bad day melted away and I still had energy to tackle my chores.”

  • “Extremely cerebral high with a "stoney" feel in the eyes and abdominal cavity. Beautiful bud and extremely nice headache cure”

  • “The buds looked great full of color smelled great but the taste was just not there for me on this one but would definitely try from another crop”