Red Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is what Chester the Cheetoh Cheetah would smoke before going to his favorite jazz bar on saxophone night. You want a bud that will mellow you out yet open your mind and make things super-cool? This is for you. For nerve pain, I give it a 9 out of 10. It's a good relaxer, so it'll probably work well with muscle pain, tension, stress, etc. I bet it works well on depression and anxiety.”

  • “I rate Red Haze at a 9 out of 10. Like a previous review said, it works well on nerve pain. I also give it a 9/10 for that. I like everything about this bud. They say that you feast with your eyes first... and that's definitely true of when I first saw Red Haze. I have mixed it with so many different strains and it compliments every high that I have altered with it. If you are sitting at a cannabis dispensary, co-op,...”

  • “Great bud for trips up to the mountains or basically anything having to do with the outdoors. It won't let you sit down and will keep you pretty focused.”

  • “The dark green colored bugs are lined with red hairs. This stain has a slightly thicker smoke than the average strain, and might leave you taking little puffs and coughing. The High is mostly head, with body vibrations every now and then. It might leave you staggering if your not focused. This bud will not bind you to the couch. Overall 8/10 (Excuse me for the shitty photo, It showed up better on my camera)”

  • “Never experience dizziness or headache, as some folks have said in the negatives on their reviews. My only negatives have been dry mouth and dry eyes. Munchies are controllable. No couch-lock to speak of.”

  • “Definitely a heady high. Lasted a pretty long time, a little over 2 hours for me. There were a few times that I just wanted to lay down and chill, but it's very energetic and I was wandering around aimlessly most of the time. I couldn't stop giggling for like 10 minutes at one point. This is one of my favorite strains right now.”

  • “Great for students needing something later in the day in preperation for long study hours. BE WARNED SMOKING TOO MUCH MAY RESULT IN HAVING FUN.”

  • “Yes! Totally in it for the win! This is by far the best CBD strain I've had so far. Positive, energized, focused, and good for cramps/pain without being sluggish on the body. It's enough of a high to feel different but not so high you're stoned. One of my favorited weeds.”