Royal Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “excellent Sativa hybrid. Very light and fluffy, looked like an ounce. Burns like most sativas do, quickly into ashes. I prefer indicas but this is a very good sativa, if that's your thing.”

  • “Amazing strain got hold of this in the UK it is on point”

  • “Slow, but noticeable come on. Effects gradually become more and more potent. Mostly a head high accompanied by equally potent - if not stronger - euphoria. The high really isn’t so much heavy, but is so gone that it’s a real challenge to function or accomplish anything. Fortunately, that doesn’t faze you in the slightest because of the tons of euphoria that’ll keep you elated no matter what you do. Really, one of the...”

  • “Had it once when visiting an old high school friend who relocate to Oregon since in Ohio you can go to jail for smoking. Anyway meet him at bar and we went outside for a joint. I was really impressed, this stuff really f*cked me up, gave me a super high. Wasnt until i got home and sent my friend an email asking him what that weed was cause I wanted some more of it..he said it was a new strain called Royal Haze. I can...”

  • “The three classics all wrapped in one. Everyone that I shared this with was annihilated. A must for any saliva lover.”

  • “aweosome strain got me very high for a good amount of hours and also good taste”

  • “A nice clear high, with a very positive feel.”

  • “Not quite sure why this strain isnt rating high in medicinal qualities with a CBD rating as such ? THC does not hold but three medicinal qualities on the wheel. I understand our obsession with THC. I like it too. My point is shopping for a high THC content strain is like flying a red flag that you shop recreationally :)”