Schrom Reviews

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  • “Since finding Schrom, I can now officially report that I have a favorite strain. I have been reviewing strains on Leafly for nearly a year now, and have tried oodles from dispensaries in the Seattle area. None have stuck out in my memory so well as Schrom. I first tried this strain 1-2 months ago, and got the batch from Have a Heart Cafe by way of Kevin's Gardens. I came in looking for a sativa and the smell of Schr...”

  • “Picked up from Fremont Gardens in Seattle. I don't expect a Sativa to "blow your hair back" like a kush. Schrom put that to rest and slapped me upside the head. Beautiful manicure, now here's the kicker. If you have smelled what was known as Tangerine Haze in the Long Beach / So. Cal circuit then you know what this is. Buds are very uniform, no popcorn. Grind is easy, with medium kief in the catcher. S...”

  • “Very aromatic with pine, lime and sage. At 190° C, the vape was medium-plus in sharpness, so perhaps take slow, light draws. The high was uplifting, a little silly, along with a big creative burst and not too much drowsiness. Definitely a cerebral high, but was pleased to note some muscle-relaxing benefits. Great for gaining perspective on a challenging project and enjoying yourself. Definitely not for working o...”

  • “Awesome sativa, hits hard but pumps you up to go. 1 gram pre roll novel tree”

  • “Let it be known throughout the kingdom that I shall name my firstborn son after this strain. Schrom is the love of my life. Perfect in every situation, any time of the day. Smells like 7-Up. Woah........I am real hungry.”

  • “Schrom is a cross of Romulan and Colombian. I can say this for certain, since I first acquired the strain from shroomy420, in about 2001 or so. Schrom is short for "Schroomy's Colombian x Romulan. According to him, the father was Colombian Gold. But he said that he did not make the original cross, he just pimped it out a bit and stabilized it. I am glad to see that this girl is still around, and that people still giv...”

  • “I bought three grams online and had it delivered, once I received Schrom I opened up the vacuumed sealed bag and the first thing I smelled was a lemon, citrusy aroma I medicated with my ice bong and it was delicious, sweat but not over powering you can tell this was fine herb. My lower back pain was instantly gone within a minute and my head was cleared, I was suffering from a migraine at the time but that was also a...”

  • “This is the most magnificent Schrom that ever Schrommed. Praise Schrom.”