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Skunk Dawg Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “one minute, I'm lazy AF setting in for a smoke sess to taste this for the first time. next thing I know, it's been 4 hours and half my house is decorated for Halloween. I've been putting that shit off for weeks!”

  • “Skunk dawg on Maui gotten from a neighbor is absolutely hands down seriously strong stuff. It leafs seem a little wider than your typical sativa and it is completely covered in resinous goo at the end. Takes about 9 weeks to mature, likes mold, reeks bad during bud. Totally worth growing.”

  • “wow great great stain!! its a great feeling med, that flows through the body and calms the mind with focus. it leaves a tinglie feeling minutes later. Top shelf meds!!!!!”

  • “This relative of chemdog rocks! I prefer the sativa dominant strains so this one really works for me. It kills pain but also keeps me feeling alert and aware. If your the type of patient that enjoys a smoke they can use all day long or one that needs a little extra push in the day, this is the right one for you! The taste is phenomenal as well, a very sweet yet sour flavor. Pungent smell 😊”

  • “If you like sativa dominant strains, try Sda. It keeps me focused and energized during the day and delivers a very clear-headed euphoric effect.”

  • “A nice alternative as a day time strain. Light but easily noticeable head-high, moderate body high. Allows me to get things done and a decent motivating strain. Good for vaping before a workout for a nice metabolism boost and a good focus factor.”

  • “Its Great weed fast hitting and long lasting if your not used to high grade its super powerful and can overwhelm you but I highly recommend it”

  • “Beautiful big chonky nugs. A nice sweet earth smell and taste . Great for pain relief.”