Sojay Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Cresco did it again with this cross - OMG. Sojay Haze reminds me of opening up a really nice bottle of Pinot Noir - awesome fruity undertones with a dash of floral earthiness. Medium-bodied, of course. Seriously though, this strain has great mid-density buds that really glisten in the light with frost. The smoke provides and brilliant uplifting and energetic high with a good amount of headiness/euphoria. Perfect...”

  • “So so bomb. Fruity, smooth smoke with an energizing high. Great smoke to start the day!”

  • “The sweet smell of these buds is FANTASTIC! This was a perfect mid-afternoon strain that helped me to refocus and really put me in a creative, uplifting mood. Didn't have any onset of anxiousness, just a wonderful, focused train of thought. Great happy feeling that accompanies.”

  • “Just picked up some nugs of this strain and I'm blown away. The experience is great, hazey/distracting but not racey. This strain really shines with it's smell/flavor. So strong, sweet and floral. A true toker's delight.”

  • “I love this strain when I need to be active and focused. It keeps me relaxed, but still on point when there are tasks I need to get done. It makes me chatty, and I feel a lot more relaxed on in social situations.”

  • “Cresco labs flower is fragrant and delicious with minimal odor when vaped. This is an excellent strain for up-lifting euphoria, and it is a good choice for morning medication.”

  • “Live resin review: Great day time high. No anxiety (for myself and friend), but increased attention and appetite. Energetic for a dab that does not leave your heart racing. Relaxing. I would use this in the future for social settings or creative purposes.”

  • “One of my new "must get" strains! This is truly a gem, with a noticeable body feel while still feeling alert and intelligent. It kills my pain while still keeping me awake -- always a bonus!!”