Sour Breath Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “great high. a few hits and your set. this stuff smells like swag and if not grown right breaks down just like it. the high is a head high that leaves you day dreaming and wondering the mysteries of the universe. the taste was very earthy with an almost dirt after taste. small dense buds.”

  • “Relaxed, mellow high while still letting you focus and move around the house. Gives a decent head buzz, but even after smoking an entire bowl off my pipe I found myself wanting more from it. Being a Sativa, I had thought it would be much more intense that I found it to be. Overall, it was cheap and smoked as such.”

  • “Very smooth hit, and surprisingly get that little taste of apricot! All around a great strain.”

  • “Big fan of both parents and luv the pure wax TGS version. Pinene dominates with a bit of floral (linabool). A must try if you can find it. bs”

  • “got this one from phat panda. I like it a lot, I was pretty pissed off before I smoked this and maybe about 10-30 min after smoking felt much more relaxed and willing to let go of the issue stressing me out. also it doesn't knock me on my tush so I'm still able to get out there and take care of things. I tasted a slight desiel taste smoking it from my bong not very heavy on smell though.”