Sour Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I was told this was a good strain to smoke before going to the gym, and I have to agree. I had he best ever shoulder workout after smoking this. In between sets I would watch TV and would giggle at sports stars and America's Funniest Home Videos. I was really easily able to target my deltoids, and especially rear delts, which can be hard for me to do usually.”

  • “Bought a gram of wax -- and I must say, it's the most uplifting high I've ever gotten. Easy to stay on task and just have an overall happy experience. I'll definitely be buying this strain again!”

  • “This shit's rivals Alaskan Thunderfuck in awesomeness and potency, minus the exhaustion that sets in after a serious ATF sesh. The smell of the smoke is STRONG and, to my nose, kinda like a cat / skunk piss combo, so I would suggest vaping if you are paranoid about smells traveling.”

  • “• With two sativa power parents, it's certainly not unforeseen they produced a 💣child prodigy! ..tho I AM surprised so many have described the high as relaxing. (I'd def say it's more adderral than xanax! 😉) The very-pungent, harsh flavor +smoke may turnoff some newbies but🔥euphoric-reward surely makes up for it! ✌🏽•”

  • “been trying to get my hands on a good sativa for a while now. The search is over :)”

  • “very good, gave me that energetic feeling:-)”

  • “This is one of the best strains that I've smoked... All listed effects work 100% as they should (vaped)...Absolutely Perfect...”

  • “I was very excited to come across this. Ive had Super Sour Diesel and Super Silver Sour Haze. This may have been better. The buds wreeked of sour amonia and kerosene, and looked dark due to the amber trichs covering the thick purple and forest green nodes. The first hit floored me, it was the strongest diesel flavor i had ever tasted. Piney diesel with a slight sour kerosene twist. The effects also floored me, Shooti...”