Sweet Cheese Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This was one of the stinkiest buds I've ever tried. I really can't emphasize it enough that this is one smelly strain of weed. But it is a nice smell. Anyway, this could probably help with sleep problems as when I smoked it at night, I literally just had to go to bed after. And I'm a stay up late kind of guy. Nice taste, nice high, pain and stress relief, what more can I say?”

  • “This didn't smell like Cheese or any of the "Sweet" strains I've tried. Just smelled vaguely diesel-ish, but I smoke a lot of Diesel so there's that. I had not smoked anything for four hours before trying this. Buds were light green and soft, spongy, and slightly crunchy. Ground up ok, nice and gooey, into the bowl. Thick smoke, a bit like paint thinner(!) at the start, but my pipe is wood and OLD (an old ga...”

  • “By far my favorite strain. I just keep going back to it over and over. Best medicine for my upset stomach and nausea. Also makes me feel happy and awake! It's my go-to bud!”

  • “This strain was super weird looking. It was like dark brown and dark purple with orange hairs. But it's a really great high, it's perfect for anxiety and depression. Really uplifting and energizing. One of my favorite daytime strains!”

  • “Great late night high. definitely a great strain.. would buy again anytime”

  • “pretty good perp skerp from up north. Not the prettiest bud but super pungent. Sticky enough to clog my grinder up a bit. relaxing body high.”

  • “I have sampled better brands and blends since weed was legalized in WA State, but I have also sampled worse. The high is pleasant, neither gentle nor debilitating, but rather a nice hybrid of relaxation and a mild creative, euphoria. It's a very good herb to aid your creative writing, drawing or painting. The weed also came packaged in a handy plastic tube (similar to the old 35mm film canisters we all used back ...”

  • “This is a review of a washington state I 502 version of this strain by the producer Root Down. The smell was very subtle spicy and slightly musky. The Flavor upon smoking was very nice earthy, musky, sweet long lasting cheesy flavor. I give the flavor a 7/10. The smell is about a 3.5/10 The high is a 9/10. Nice uplifting high calm and enjoyable.”