Sweet Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of the nicest sativas ive ever smoked. When I take 1 bong hit of this im already giggly and uplifted. By the time ive taken my fourth im in an almost psychedelic state of mind.”

  • “You will become super focused. It totally creeps up on you and you will get lost in doing somthing. At least, I did. Got a bunch of things done. Took a shower 30 min after smoking too and thinking becomes very clear also which was my favorite attribute. I am giving it 'exceptional' because of the previous, combined with it literally that it has the nicest smell ever like fruity smells, but dark and not overly potent...”

  • “I am very particular about which strains I use to manage my symptoms and this Sweet Diesel is a pretty good strain for treating my ailments. I was very surprised at both my ability to focus and having the energy to manifest my efforts creatively. The taste, although slightly like Sour Diesel, is not as "fuelish" and I liked the Earthy after taste, especially with coffee!”

  • “Recieved 1.2 grams of this strain. As soon as I opened the package I could smell the nonstop sweet aroma take over the diesel smell. This flower is extremely Sweet and smooth tasting. The nug I recieved was incredibly dense too!!! Burned nice and slow. As the euphoria began (3 hits) I also had a sense of laziness in my legs. But nothing too strong or sedative. Acquired from PARC Dispensary 22% THC”

  • “I liked this better than Sour Diesel. It tastes good, it's super dank, but it smokes fast (due to the dryness). I found myself focusing on something so much that I couldn't hear people talking around me, nor did I acknowledge the existence of anything except what I was focused on. When I was attentive, I was slightly sleepy, but I felt creative, "giggly", and ready to do shit. This makes a good smoke every once i...”

  • “This was a great strain, I got it from south coast caregivers and they have A+ quality meds. I was up cleaning my apartment and I was also pain free... Not many strains can give you the best of both worlds.”

  • “This strain was perfect for my wife.And great for stress!We had gotten into a small argument,but sweet diesel made things...well.Sweet!!!”

  • “Easy to smoke and nice taste without a bad long aftertaste. It's a creeper though. It took me about 30 mins to really feel the effect off of one bowl. I talked a lot on it, and the body high is where it's really at. Almost like eating an edible.”