Thai Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Extremely euphoric, happy, anti-depressant side affects. Careful if you have anxiety, it can trigger it if you smoke all day like me. I do like the strain as it made me focused and energetic. Also caused me to be extremely horny, more than any other strain I've smoked. I did pick up some kosher kush after a few days of smoking this strain I needed to balance out. I also suffer from anxiety and chronic pain so Ind...”

  • “Thai Haze is truly a vacation gem. It was originally breeded with Haze, which has origins from Mexico, Colombia and Thailand; where some of the best sativas are known to have come from. (Pax'd)”

  • “Pretty good. It did cause a bit of paranoia and anxiety like all hazes do to me, but it did make me feel more sensual and horny which is why I bought it. Great for sex!”

  • “Great daytime medication. This Sativa is great to get things done around the house or work in general. Intense head high with a body numbing effect that is great for pain. I will use this again...”

  • “Woooowza! Their isn't much more you can ask for when it comes to a day-time smoke. Sweet, soft, and smooth, this is as pleasant as weed gets. It's stones you into a peaceful bliss while not making you feel lost or disconnected. A go to for the weekend at the cottage or a stroll through old town. Thai haze ladies and gents.”

  • “would recommend it to others”

  • “Amazing strain. Really euphoric and strong sativa kick. The nuggs were small and dense as rock but grinded out to loads. One of my favourite sativas.”

  • “Love this tree my favorite and always has been. I will buy this over a 23%thc tree anyday.”