Viper Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Very strong, cerebral buzz. Mind erasing, stress relieving. Buzz slowly encompasses the body creating a full body relaxing experience. I've heard people say viper will burn you out but honestly I believe the high is meant to start of soaring and energetic. If you can handle sativas this one is great for treating symptoms of anxiety and depression. I really wish there were more of these amazing landrace crosses availa...”

  • “Gives a strong head high to start then mellows out to a bit of a body high. Creates positive vibes and definitely giggles. I didn't find it to be very overwhelming so excellent for light smokers.”

  • “Hit you right in the head right after the first hit. Great high for the day.”

  • “Very strong, giggly, happy, uplifted. Great for depression”

  • “Bought t it as "Blue Viper", almost identical to the same named strain last year. Pungent floral spiciness with just enough cheesecake to open the nostrils. The vapour was even more pungent. Mild vapor both in and exhale. This stuff goes right to my ears, and head. That wonderful sensitivity to sound is great for music and natural sounds but not for city noise. For pain, it is more distracting than dulling, if ...”

  • “Wow.. It was a late, boring night for me. I needed to stay awake until 4:30am. I lit up a bowl at 1:00am and after the first inhale, felt an insane body high. I kept hitting it and never felt tired. Based on the texts I was sending to my friends back home, it was definitely a creative/funny high.”

  • “This is chatterbox weed! You will start talking. The body high comes first, then the head high for me. Good for an advanced light weight smoker. Don't smoke before bed. You are too alive to sleep”

  • “Outstanding Sativa for pain and mood. Nice flavour and easy smoke. Works great for a evening Sativa as well.”