Waipi'o Hapa Reviews

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  • “One day, in the Waipi'o Valley on the Big Island, some guy in a truck gave me and a friend some pakololo in a paper sack he said he grew back in the valley. He threw in a pack of papers and some matches, and we shared a J. It was creeper, and when he was gone we were so high it was hard to believe. We walked down to the beach, and halfway there I saw a man walking. I called out to him, and then I didn't know if I ...”

  • “LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. This 100% sativa will make you feel like you can conquer the world (or your "to do" list). An uplifting, energizing sativa. Two 2mg puffs from my vape and I was good to go for hours. It didn't make me anxious nor did I experience any of the shakes, jitters, paranoia that often happens with pure sativas. This gem made me happy and awake. LOVE IT! I loved this so much that I milked every drop of ...”

  • “Waipio Hapa is a great yielding strain with ease of growing that makes this one of my favorite for indoor grows. She grows rather stringy for ease of light penetration. loves the nutes. And especially loves being put outdoors in full sun. " Be carefull as she drinks like a fish and will dry up quickly " the buds are of fresh cut lime aroma, not as dense as desired but cure rather nicely. Not a very resinous strain. T...”

  • “This strain makes your head float. No couch lock. I vaped 3 times after a 2 hour workout. A tiny bit paranoia. Harsh breathing in. Relaxing. Heavy eyes.”

  • “Awesome Hawaiian type with some energizing clean the house qualities. If you see it at least try a joint, its one of those special strains everyone loves and come on, its Hawaiian.”

  • “A true sativa. Most energetic strain I've tried.”