White Buffalo Reviews

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  • “First and foremost, if you are one that enjoys heavy indicas, Careful not to smoke White Buffalo too quickly at the start. I imagine it that many of these reviews are written by people who have had lots of experience with the spectrum of various highs you get from hybrids and clear sativas. I am a heavy indica user and rely on indicas for the body high and the sleepiness. For those like me - just a heads up - the typ...”

  • “Hoo boy this is a good one. I look for strains that are known for euphoria, and White Buffalo is great in that aspect. It also seems to get the creativity flowing, but in my experience also makes me very focused on fine details which makes me work slower (but better). Another reviewer mentioned that this is NOT great for beginners, and I totally agree. If I wasn't currently smoking every day, I could see this strain...”

  • “I picked this strain when I asked Sarah, from QPC, for a better sleep aid but also handles anxiety, WOW! I medicated last night and after 5-10 mins I was feeling giddy and my eyelids got really heavy. Not a sleepy heavy but I knew I was on cloud 18! White buffalo relaxed my whole body and my headache went away. Good strain for beginners and veterans.”

  • hi2

    “Why not start the morning in a good mood? Gives you that instant burst of euphoria and energy....the ideal wake and bake. I actually enjoyed the mundane morning tasks that one most do if they don't want to live like a slob. I hope to ride this White Buffalo.....until I run out. Yeah, I will purchase again.”

  • “This strain is nutz. I kind of think it is unpredictable in the best way. I smoked some yesterday and wound up so zoned out yet ready to move. Today I just feel euphoric as hell and ready to dance-- like, do you see the above 5 stars? I don't give anything 5 stars. Newaysss--- DO IT. Smoke, vape some and danccceeeee!”

  • “OHhhHhhYessSs Physical: My body is thick warm caramel Cerebral: Desire to swim in warm caramel. Fantastical: Plush White Buffaloes licking warm caramel from my body. Thoroughly.”

  • “A prized rarity among cannabis. Grown in NorCal, it's named after the White Buffalo Calf Woman, the spirit who visited the Lakota Native Americans and gave their tribe the seven sacred ceremonies which helped them become prosperous. Considered a very spiritual high hence the name, kind of spells like sleeping awake, or possibly spirit walking. 100/100 so rare and hard to find.”

  • “A very mysterious strain, indeed! This magic bud will have different affects each time you smoke it! However, through out the various experiences that I had I always was pretty talkative and willing to move around. Some days I was exceptionally nicer, others I was really concentrated on finding more munchies. A must have for the sativa lover! Warning: DRY. MOUTH!”