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• Enjoying AGL's t-29% Cookies 🍪 & Cream cannabis oil this afternoon, as I'm quite fond of GSC, as well as Star⭐️Fighter — & together, they make one hell of an alliance! • • Extremely smooth, calming, balancing, effortless: on lungs/asthma, anxiety/ADHD & cerebrally — true to 🍪-phenotypes, & taste is equally delicious +true to her rock⭐️star-parents! The very best qualities of both SHINE in this 5-⭐️ 💣-hybrid & i highly recommend to newbies+veterans, alike •👌🏻• Healthy volume of linalool, humulene + b-caryo-phylene terpenes ensure delicious flavor & healing benefits — & 🤕 afternoon pressure-headache was annihilated within 4 (long) pulls.. but didn't stop there bc I want|need-me some mo'👌🏻🍪🔥•