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Avatar for ChitownBurbs

Ill start with the negative cause this is a decent nug but has a few caveats . I sourced my sample from SHelby county CS. The bud is "airy" was the term used in a positive way by the budtender. The buds are not dense. The container had 2 dominant smells one was a pleasant fruity bouquet and the other, when you crack a nug , is a strong musty cat piss smell. It smokes like low density nugs typically do. compressing it a bit makes a little bud pellet cause its sticky and seems to make it smoke as a more dense nug would. The airy-ness doesnt seem to be product of problems during grow its just fluffy nugs. Its Not really to big of a negative because there are not huge stems that ive found. Nugs smoke pretty well and leave a slightly more dense ash than normal. Got to dig it out of the hitter usually instead of tapping it out. Its a decent daytime indica , doesnt make me tired a bit, and has a sativa type eye buzz where you feel focused in . Definitely does not make me talkative which I think people around me enjoy after the green crack. Zero psychedelic effect . Zero couchlock for me. Zero paranoia No real uphoria Just chill mellow. Doesnt really make you stupid. Nice relaxing stress and anxiety reliever for me. First hit hits after about 15 seconds, Very light, low potency approach definitely a weak strain but this was sold to me as a low cost alternative. The cat piss smell takes over in your mouth after smoking. Fairly certain it gives ya cat pee breath. So bottom line? The effect of this nug is very chill, and quite relaxing. there is zero anxiety which is nice for people sensitive to sativas but it is noticeably weaker than my favorite strains (I guess people who havent experienced the psychedelic whammy that can be had will not perceive this to be weak, those that have , will). Its not 60 + and while it taste pretty much like cat pee after the fact while smoking it you get the fruity taste mostly. The cat pee taste is leaps and bounds better than the jellybelly vommit taste of gelato. Almost skunky, yet the high is considerably less potent. I dono i try to give you the kind of info i wish i had when i got it. I like the nug and will probably smoke it again because of its chill anxiety free effect even though it doesnt slap me in the face like my favs do but it also doesnt slap me in the wallet like they do.

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