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Dutch Treat #5 that is floating around the West Coast started it's path from B.C. seed breeder Jordan of the Islands. A Master grower in Bellingham WA. brought the seeds over to the US and grew all 10 of them. Word has it that these were some "special" behind the counter seeds that were offered to make up for a previous bad purchase several months before that wasted the growers time. Out of the 10 seeds that were labeled, the #5 plant was cloned (why you see it labeled DT #5) and sent out to the local growers in Bellingham that passed it around to "close" friends. Today it is all over the West Coast including Maui and seems to be growing in popularity due to its heavy yields, easy trimming and rapid growth. Because it is a relatively new strain (4 Years), clubs that have acquired this strain for sale can't seem to keep it in stock as customers often go on a waiting list to get it. There is some confusion as to it's name since there are other older versions of "Dutch Treat" that don't look anything like the #5, nor compare in quality. For this reason, some people have called it Dutch Crunch instead. As to it's crosses, you would have to contact Jordan of the Islands to really get the detailed truth. Seed companies that sell the seeds still classify it as a "short and stalky" plant, but as any experienced grower would tell you, this plant is WAY OUT OF CONTROL, viney, lanky, extremely fast growing and sometimes falls over even before it starts budding. Anyone trying to grow this plant, be ready to tie her down hard and use supports. Many classify Dutch Treat as a heavy Indica punch you in the face High, yet the leaves on the plant are very much Sativa, very skinny, and harvesting goes to at least 8-9 weeks, sometimes more.