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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Frostbite.


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20 people reported 121 effects
Happy 75%
Relaxed 65%
Uplifted 50%
Euphoric 40%
Talkative 35%
Inflammation 20%
Lack of appetite 20%
Depression 15%
Insomnia 15%
Pain 15%
Dry mouth 25%
Dizzy 15%
Dry eyes 15%
Headache 5%


February 21, 2016
Unfortunately this Leafly review is incorrect. The Frostbite strain was created in Phoenix in 2012 after medical marijuana initiatives were passed In AZ. It is a cross of TGA subcool deep purple combined with a pure Afghan Kush indica. It has a slightly purple color but mostly appears white because of the heavy coating of trichomes. This strain has a strong fruity and skunky smell similar to Grand Daddy purple(GDP) with a slightly earthy tone. I know because I was the one who created this strain and after months of research and no frostbite strain on the record that was the name I settled with. Don't be fooled by knock offs!
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August 22, 2016
once again, over rated sativa. what is with you sativa people? there's nothing to me more rewarding in a bag of buds, then characteristics of indica. low stems. not stringy. grown right. this sativa, like all sativas is inconsistent and frankly, the powder puff of football. I like my weed like I like my football: hard hitting. this is so not hard hitting
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August 13, 2014
I just had my wisdom teeth taken out, and this has been a wonder at keeping me eased and the pain down. The strain has beautiful crystals and bark red-purple hairs, with beautiful fluffy but tight buds. Smokes excellently in the bowl and has a clean fresh taste. One of my top 10 favorites.
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February 20, 2011
Amsterdam's Garden Classification: Sativa-dominant hybrid Medical Uses: Loss of appetite, migraines, anxiety, depression, nausea, glaucoma, arthritis Cannabissearch.com Buzz Rating: Frostbite is has pungent flavors of skunk, hash, earth and pine with a slightly spicy exhale. It smells just how it tastes. This bud has average smoke expansion and hits within a few minutes. This Sativa-dominant strain is great for daytime as well as nighttime use. Chimera gives us yet another amazing strain. Frostbite comes in buds that are so caked with stick tri-chromes it actually appears white. Sprouting up from this snow-covered base are thick, orange pistils that looks like trees jutting up out of a snowy forest in January. They smell of fruit, dank, hash and skunk. This is a favorite strain among patients with all types of medical issues and is fairly common at many dispensaries. Ideally, this plant thrives in an indoor environment, although she does mediocre when cultivated outdoors. She tends to be a single-cola plant, although if she is provided adequate space, branching out can occur. A great strain for the Sea of Green technique, growers can expect to harvest between 2 and 3 pounds. Much to the delight of those who cultivate here, Frostbite tends to have such a large single cola during maturity that a stake is needed to prevent this beauty from collapsing under her own weight. Great for aiding in a wide array of ailments suffered by patients, Frostbite is not only a potent, but a long-lasting Sativa-dominant hybrid. Patients typically experience a mellow, relaxing, yet upbeat mixture of a cerebral high and a pleasant body high. This can usually be found for between $50 and $55 per eighth at most clubs.
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April 7, 2018
Perfect for wake & bake to start your day. Also a great mood enhancer. Effects last hours while it gives you an overall sense of peace. You will feel the buzz instantly while any negative energy is carried away and you're left with a big smile and a refreshed outlook on life. I tend to get angry more often then I'd like, I can't help it though people just can be so aggravating. It's been 2 weeks I have been relaxed and haven't flipped out on as many people. I have been so stressed trying to move and this helps me deal with it. Thanks to frostbite.
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July 8, 2016
Massive flowery buds! If grown correctly, the buds are huge and are covered with trichomes. This sativa is relatively strong and large doses will make you fall asleep. Lower to medium doses will help one relax and has an uplifting characteristic. The smell is a combination of some fruity note, but the flavour in my experience tends to be stronger. It definitely has some wort of wood note in the flavour. Great strain for chilling out and having a conversation. Video games and movies work great with this strain at medium doses. Moving around counteracts the sleepiness effect and turn the high into a more active one. Sports are also great with Frostbite. I would definitely recommend trying this one out.
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January 4, 2015
Really great strain, noticeable "cooling" effect. Tasty and refreshing to smoke, you can even use some of this at night and it won't get you wound up
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October 25, 2015
Dry eyes
I have tried this for the first time in Vape Liquid form. It has been wonderful. It has helped with pain from a very intense ear infection, while allowing me to still function/concentrate on what I am doing.
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