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To be honest this strain is a bit like a see-saw. You're way up or you're...not. When you're up you're too up, totally elevated but very anxious and the high is hard to control to the point where if you smoke too much, you're actually tripping. I hit too much in a bong once, and everything felt like it was dripping somehow. I usually drink a beer with my weed, but this time, I just poured the beer down the sink. In low doses you tend to come up with this weird spaceyness for about 15 minutes and then it leaves you feeling very clear and light. The problem is as we all know when the effects of the buzz wear off the niggling feeling inside is to re-dose to feel it again, so you end up going back into that weirdness again to ultimately get the high you want, which I don't find pleasurable. To keep it level you have to keep the dosage really low and smoke slowly otherwise you just rocket too fast and end up a bit nervous and spaced. I much prefer smoking something lighter which makes you feel happy and comfortable, which the Lemon Bubble doesn't really do for me. It's also pretty much a purely psychoactive high, and I've also found and it doesn't really give you that euphoric sensation which some weed does. I recommend this if you want to totally zone out and trip, which is fun sometimes. But not if you're looking for something that's a mellow daily thing, this really isn't it, as it's just going to get exhausting to smoke. It's a 3 for me, as I've smoked more stable Sativas which aren't as easy to smoke too much of...

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