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  • 29% of people say it helps with Anxiety
  • 23% of people say it helps with Stress
  • 22% of people say it helps with Depression

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Lemon Cake reviews

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July 1, 2017
Not unlike a hit of caffeine from coffee. Speediness in the body expressed through physical energy and a desire to move. Turbos you up up to 10. Mind is noticeably disabled. Higher thinking is tamped out forcing you to relax and not think much. Would be a challenge at work or any situation where you have to recall things. You’d be left grasping for too long. The positive side effect is it spaces you the fuck out! Seriously, nitrous levels of trippiness. You’re deep gone, riding waves of hallucinogens. Music is the best it could possibly be. Not only does it physically feel good to listen to, but it resonates at a satisfying emotional level. On a downside, it makes you weirdly removed and out of sync in a way that it surprisingly clashed with hiking and socializing. Very potent. Surprised by voluntarily smoking less than I normally do because it got me there quick.
January 14, 2018
If your tolerance is high and you want a good Sativa to keep you energetic yet mentally euphoric and relaxed go for this beautiful frosty bud
July 2, 2017
I'm not gonna lie, I feel stress free right now
July 11, 2017
Super strong, very "caked" with kief. rolled 1/8th into joint a and filled up my entire kief chamber. Definelty potent though. I've never smoked a Sativa that gives me couch lock/space out hella but this strain does.
January 24, 2018
LOVED this strain so much. this is my first review. if you need a strain that's great for morning smoking or smoke a small bowl before you go to something you're nervous about. combatted my anxiety wonderfully, made me feel energetic and creative as all get out. not to mention it smells BOMB. I love lemon, this smells just like lemon cake. highly recommend!!!
November 30, 2017
Whoa.. wasn’t expecting that. After making it through about a third of joint I felt a rush grab me by the chest then made its way to my head and stayed there... for like 2 1/2 hours I didn’t move. Spun. I also got the dizzy side effects as mentioned in other posts. It fades after about 20-30 min. And leaves you on the moon. Weeeeee
February 26, 2018
The caffeine kick out of this is great! This definitely got me going/put me in a great mood. When I was busy I didnt notice the hunger. I would have some cake then run or cycle. Love this strain. For me it didnt subside pain enough but it is still one of my top favs.
January 25, 2019
I'm a variety strain kind of gal, with an affinity for the cerebral uplifting effects and cognitive reframing effects of cannabis. This strain got me right away with increased energy and lift in depression in one good inhale. It came as a recommendation from the always helpful Jeremiah at Urban Greenhouse. Great staff, always helpful.

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