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What's so damn lovely about Tangerine Dream is its somewhat unique fusion of relaxation and stimulation. Smoking this strain for the first time, I felt like a triumphant alchemist who'd finally found the real 'philosopher's stone', cerebral, rational, and penetrative. The moment you inhale this bud, its indica side melts away all mental tension, untangling emotions and thoughts, enveloping the user in a sense of satisfied calmness. Once these foundations have been laid, in comes TG's sativa component, charging thoughts with clarity and perceptivity, sharpening your mind like a blade. Don't be surprised if you find yourself reading high level theoretical texts after smoking this strain, or suddenly being able to articulate thoughts and concepts with almost mathematical precision! Because Tangerine Dream establishes a relaxed background to its energising, crisp cerebral high, it's unlikely you'll become overwhelmed or anxious on this strain, despite its stimulating effects. The perfect smoke for those who, like myself, adore sativas but struggle with paranoia and overthinking. Since I no longer drink coffee (it sends me into paranoid overdrive), I find TG is just what I need to kickstart my day- or to provide me with a second wind when I'm cramming late at night...!