Moby Dick Feminized


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Moby Dick feminized is a grower favorite. It’s a sativa-dominant White Widow x Haze cross with a short flowering period and stellar genetic backing. Its humongous crops shimmer with resin by harvest time, producing massive yields of oversized orange flowers. The bouquet is sugary citrus fused with musky earth and hints of vanilla and eucalyptus, kicking your senses into gear. These delectable buds are psychoactive powerhouses, with 24–27% THC to get you moving. The head hit is buzzy and powerful, skyrocketing motivation and energy levels. It’s ideal as wake ‘n’ bake, preparing you for productive, social, and creative pursuits. Seize the day with Moby Dick.

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Only a grower knows the feeling… and it’s true. Growing cannabis is a passion, an art, a therapy. And it all starts with the seed. We know the joy of growing better than anyone, so we know how important it is to start with healthy, reliable, super-stable seeds. And that’s exactly what you get from the Homegrown Cannabis Co.

But while a grow might start with the seeds, that’s not where it ends. Homegrown is America’s number one cannabis brand for education. Hundreds of articles, an awesome weekly podcast, and a YouTube channel with 100K+ subscribers. Their team boasts indoor expert (and 13 x cannabis cup winner) Kyle Kushman. Hash-master: The Dank Duchess. Outdoor experts: Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya. Greenhouse guru: Eric Brandstad. Cannabis legend and political powerhouse: Steve DeAngelo. They’ve even got NFL star Ricky Williams on the crew!

You can’t go wrong with these guys!

Discover the joy of growing with the Homegrown Cannabis Co. All the support you’ll ever need.
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