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Nuggie Fresh Co

Stay Nuggie Fresh and Clean

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About Us

Nuggie Fresh is a multipurpose hand wipe designed to completely remove the sticky residues associated with cannabis. The cleaning solution is powered by natural citrus oil, which helps to moisturize rather than dry the skin, as when using solvents such as isopropyl alcohol. The multipurpose wipe is tough enough to clean off the residual amounts of cannabis extracts left on dabbing tools and rigs. Nuggie Fresh is perfect for a quick wipe of your glassware to keep things clean and your hits as fresh as possible. The wipe also does a spectacular job of removing the smell of smoke from hands leaving a pleasant neutral scent. Perfect for those times when the opportunity to medicate is necessary, but unwittingly notifying and enduring the scrutiny from those particular “nosey” individuals is certainly unwanted. Nuggie Fresh started off as an idea thought up amongst four individuals, a mixture of family and friends. We were always irritated after breaking up some fine fresh cannabis, with the wonderful aromas of broken up flower revving our anxiousness to medicate, the sticky residue left on finger tips would often end up with a ripped rolling paper or leaf of tobacco. In our haste to savor and enjoy one of the great many cannabis strains, we would have to resort to using harsh rubbing alcohol to clean our hands. As you probably know, this has a tendency to excessively dry and a leave a very unpleasant odor on the skin. Recently, cannabis extracts and distillates have become the rage due to the advantages such as heightened potency and the ability to vaporize as a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis plant matter. Also advantageously, the ease of use of extracts and distillates also attracted many individuals but these substances have a level of stickiness that rivals store bought glues in many instances. Often residual amounts of these extracts get transferred from dab-tools and hands to any surface it comes in contact with. Now, there is an answer to keep surfaces and hands clean other than isopropyl alcohol; NUGGIE FRESH wipes.

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