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PuRx7 - The Highest Quality CBD In the Health and Nutrition Market (Visit www.PuRx7.com to learn more) The PuRx7 SOLUTION The ONLY truly water-soluble CBD in the market! That means an 85% absorption rate into the body rather than the normal 6% absorption. That means you get more nutrients from a bottle of PuRx7 than from any other brand, and that makes PuRx7 the best VALUE in the market as well! Over the last 8 years, we’ve perfected the ability to take oil-based vitamins and make them usable to the body by utilizing our proprietary technology called Purzorb™. No one else in the market is able to do what we do. That’s one of the biggest reason the quality of our CBD stands out far above the rest. 85% ABSORPTION IN GI TRACT In laboratory studies, Purzorb™ formulated Hemp CBD Oil has demonstrated significantly more bioavailability than unformulated hemp. This means that PuRx7 Hemp CBD Oil can get the same effect, quicker than that of a much lower dose of traditional CBD oil based products. ONSET OF ACTION The reported Onset of Action of orally ingested Purzorb™ CBD oil can occur within 15-30 minutes compared to traditional CBD oil which occurs between 60-90 minutes

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