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Bloom Tucson's Daily Dose: MONDAY 1/16/17; SHAKE MONDAY, 3 grams of shake for $17.

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“went in specifically for a sativa strain that was listed on their menu as $185,. i was given a indica strain that was listed for 165$, i told the tender i wanted the $185 sativa and was told it wasnt on sale amd would be over $200. then after all that i look at my reciept and was charged $185 for a strain listed at $165. Not only was I given the incorrect strain, but at a higher price. i like this place but am sick of the inconsistency and their complete lack of knowledge on strains, the prices are the only thing that keeps me going here.”

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“I always go to bloom Tucson because they have good prices and good customer service. But I went on Jan. 11th when their computers were down, and I accidentally asked for more than I had the cash to pay for. When my bud tender told me the total I said I needed to take an item off and I was sorry but then she took the flower back and I could literally hear a guy around the corner loudly complaining about having to fix the order and that it was my fault for the mistake. Yeah it was my fault for thinking I had a little more cash than I did but it was a mistake and it's really uncool that he was complaining about me while I could hear him. If they're having a bad day because of the computers, I get it, but at least wait until I'm gone to complain about me. Seriously that's so rude to do to your customers.”

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