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YOUR FIRST TIME is always special ! New Bloom patients get their first 1/8th oz. for 50% OFF ! No fine print, just HALF PRICE on ANY 8th in stock. *VETERANS Discount* Bloom offers a Veterans discount to recognize the men and women who have bravely served our in our nation's military. Thank you for your service ! EVERY DAY Veterans receive 5% off all Flower, Pre-Rolls, and Concentrates, PLUS 15% off all other Products. Every SUNDAY Veterans aged 60 & over receive; 5% off on Flower, 10% OFF OF PREROLLS and CONCENTRATES, PLUS 15% off all other Products. Verification required to receive benefits. *ADA Discount* Bloom offers a discount every day to our disabled patients. Patients disabled through SSI or SSDI receive 5% off all Flower, Pre-Rolls, and Concentrates, PLUS 15% off all other products. SSDI or SSI verification required to receive benefits. *SHAKE IT UP MONDAYS* 3 GRAM pack of premium Bloom SHAKE for only $17, includes 1 Free package of Bloom Rolling Papers per order. Only $48 for 3 packs (9 GRAMS). No purchase limit on shake, buy as many as you'd like. *TUESDAYS (Going-Up-On-A-Tuesday)* $45 Quarters on ALL strains! CHOOSE ANY TWO 8THs for your $45 1/4th. Also, $35 for a FULL GRAM of Crumble and Shatter. Choose any 2 HALF-GRAMS for your $35 GRAM of Crumble and/or Shatter. *ROLLED UP WEDNESDAYS* SIX (6) Pre-Rolls for $30 plus tax. ANY combination of PreRolls NO limit !! $165 and $150 OUNCE THURSDAYS $165 ounces and $150 ounces on several selected strains EVERY THURSDAY at Bloom Phoenix. The $165 & $150 OZ Strains are listed on Leafly on Thursday Mornings. Each bag contains ONE OUNCE of ONE strain, sorry, no splitting of strains within the discounted OZ's. No limit, you may buy ONE or TWO ounces, but please remember to have it available within your STATE OF AZ allowable allotment. Sorry, no additional discounts are available on Thursdays.


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Rolled Up Wednesdays

5 Pre-rolls for $30 plus tax. ANY combination, NO limit!

Valid from 1/1/0001.

No fine print at Bloom! Give us a try!

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Bloom Tucson

WEDS 9/27 - 6 (six) PRE-ROLLS for ONLY $30 ($32.58 total). Mix & Match, ANY COMBINATION OF 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, NO LIMIT !!

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“its discrete and off main streets... The only dispensary I will use in Tucson... the strains they have here may not be the best of the best, but who can complain about flowers being slightly less thc than strains that give you a little better flowers that you pay $45 an 1/8... the extra potency does not warrant a price tag of almost double the cost as bloom...”

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“Wow. I thought this place was bad before. Got layed off so looking for to save a bit of cash I went in on a Thursday for the ounce special. The lobby was a mess. The lobby was packed not because they were particularly busy, but because they are so slow. Trash under the chairs, damaged weird inspirational posters, the fake brick is missing a piece, the cents are nasty and full of so much dust there is a pattern in each one from the air blowing it onto you, the lights are full of bugs, the door doesn't close, the door to go in back has a broken handle, etc. They don't seem to give a crap about anything. the employees all seemed bored. It wasn't this bad a year ago. The flower is still about the same quality. If you're picky it's ok for the price. Even so I doubt I go back. I'd rather pay another $40 an ounce and go somewhere else. ”

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