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Alohaberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked up an oz of this from the Green Door in Seattle and just vaped about three bowls. It's blowing up my head right now. I feel energized but a calm energized, I am ready to handle any task and I can imagine playing sports, going to school, exercising, or anything I else I feel like setting my mind to. I feel very happy and satisfied with how everything is, an "accepting" feeling is how I would put it. A very ener...”

  • “I do not usually choose to review the products I purchase. I think people should be their own judges of quality in the things they purchase. This product just recently became available locally and I decided to research its benefits on the web. Having seen positive results from many prior buyers I went ahead and made the investment. This may have been one of the soundest choices I have made in my adult life. I have fo...”

  • “Aloha berry: I bought 2 clones at a pricey:15$ a pc. in 2005.All i know is it was named alohaberry.It has a Killer yield.Its sativa dominant,but doesn't get to tall.Its like a shot of espresso.Alert take over the world high.Smells of sweet fruity skunk diesel. Pungent stink that will stay in a room for Hours after you are gone.If you don't double bag it on the road,and you get pulled over.Your busted.9/10 Dank bo...”

  • “Love this strain! The high makes you want to do something ,like hike or ride a bike, yet relaxes your body at the same time. Very good combination in my opinion.”

  • “Great Hybrid perfectly balancing the benefits of Sativa and Indica. The aroma of this medication is one of the best. Highly recommended...”

  • “Great buds, with a sweet after taste”

  • “Very tasty! I recommend vaping because it eases you into the high better. I felt energetic, yet relaxed and focused with an overall peaceful feeling. The best word to describe the Alohaberry effect is "pleasant."”

  • “One of the best for sure. Smell is potent and strong, fruity smell with an earthy feel. Same is in the taste. Strong earthy bled with a hint of tropical fruity. It's a good one. I personally am not too into fruit tasting strains but this is earthy enough to make me happy. The high lasts a while and is pretty damn good. Definite hybrid, feeling effects of indica and sativa alike. This strain I've tripped on hard, as w...”