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Avi-Dekel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Since I have GAD I decided to give this strain a try. My Licensed Producer is MedReleaf. When I first opened the container a sweet, pungent smell hit my nose. My batch had 15% CBD and .89 % THC. It has a beautiful aroma and when vaporized it actually tastes a bit like sweet tarts. :) This strain effectively relieved my chronic pain from scoliosis and also calmed my anxious mind. There is no psychoactive effect from t...”

  • “A strain this valuable to many people and it only gets 11 reviews.........people suffering from PTSD aren't on these sites to know how high you got, the munchies you ate and the planet you visited. High CBD through the day and this strain is changing lives. Mix it with some of your favourite smoke and reap the benefits! Assists with pain, inflammation, gastrointestinal issues, depression and overall well being.”

  • “It takes away the tremors. Make you feel like you got some hydraulics system in your body, that Avidekel is it's fuel.”

  • “I was so happy that a dispensary near me got in this strain. I tried it and loved it at first for relaxation and the ability to get me to sleep. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, it started to caused extreme anxiety which only got worse with continued use. Eventually it started to cause depression. It got to the point that it started to effect me so adversely that I had to stop using it. I switched over to C...”

  • “I love this strain from Israel! I acquired Avi-Dekel from Medreleaf. This strain is good for improving your mood, muscle relaxation, and easing stress. It has a mild euphoric, clear headed and focused effect that is also good for taking the edge off of pain. Mild buzz, no strong head high with this strain.”

  • “Great for Cramps and headaches but made me pretty anxious.”

  • “I just love this strain from Israel, takes my pain away puts me in a happy mood and in no way am I high! Perfect for those times you have to be straight for whatever reason.”

  • “I have severe chronic pain. Inflammation in my spine primarily, and after two days of trying this strain for the first time, there was a noticeable decrease in inflammation. As a result I am already off my daily Tylenol. I can't take anything else but that, not even NSAIDs. So finally having an alternative that's not taxing my liver is quite welcome.”