Banana Peel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I love this sucker! Pungent fruit delivering powerful effects. Dazed and confused. Couch bound. Glued to the TV Pain gone Spirit lifted Mind free Food gone”

  • “Banana strain is excellent for keeping me focused on my graduate studies. I can function at a high level, it resolves my nerve damage pain in my head from multiple strokes and it is an uplifting strain. The smell is super skunky and not subtle in any way. Don't think you can smoke this without it accidentally becoming your new perfume or cologne.”

  • “Doesn't quite taste like bananas like you'd hope, but it definitely has a good organic feel to the taste. Definitely recommend for a slow, relaxing high opposed to taking a hit and instantly feeling peak high. Didn't make me feel too tired any of the times, but definitely wasn't super energetic either. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a calm relaxing night of relief!”

  • “Love it super relaxed stoney high and it knocks me on my ass without making me too tired”

  • “Very relaxing strain, good for trying to hang out without falling asleep. Great head high that isn't distracting, good body high that took my lower back pain from a 6 to about a 1.5. Great effect for PTSD, very uplifting and no paranoia!”

  • “Amazing taste and super stoney effect! It seriously tastes and smells like straight banana! Super flame ⛽⛽I definitely recommend to all the "true" connoisseurs out there! #hwc #leaflylist”

  • “Awesome taste and amazing high! Definitely recommend to the true connoisseur!”

  • “Wow this is a new favorite I'm a heavy indica smoker I tend to stray from hybrid but this is fruity smooth and nice and potent perfect for daytime awesome”