Belladonna Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “belladonna was a great bud. only smoked it once but i remember when picking it up, the nugs were beautiful with a nice smell. the smoke was very smooth, when i smoke i usually have a few coughing fits but i did not cough one time with this very light and tasty smoke. the smoke wasn't tast as in being sweet, but it had a smooth, herbal taste to it. the high was great. it wasn't the most potent bud ive smoked, it ...”

  • “chill high. was sociable. forgot alot. kind of coffee-ish aftertaste, but i would definitely drink coffee and smoke this”

  • “Airy buds, really frosty. Thick orange hairs. VERY stinky. Cheese, earth, some fruitiness. I vaped flower- cheese again on inhale and mustiness and strong earth on exhale. Hits fairly quickly but takes about an hour to level off. My head felt pressurized but not in a bad way. I suffer from bad headaches because of pinched nerves, scoliosis, and herniated discs and while this didn't do a ton for straight pain, it help...”

  • “Amazing. great comedown and a really great high”

  • “mellow hypnotic effect. The taste is like slight teriyaki mushroom with liquorice while still maintaining an earthyness.”

  • “really enjoying it!! looks beautiful smells good. got me feel in smart and creative :)”

  • “Very nice head and body high for the recreational marijuana smoker. Doesn't work too well for taking pain away but it will lift your mood and make you feel euphoric. Similar effects to that if PineApple Express but the taste is much more earthy. I had this one with THC levels of 26% and kept me high for at least 4 hours.”

  • “Pretty nice gentle strain; easy onset with a strong slow high; unusual flavour- smells like the cross it is, but the taste is very much its own.”