Belladonna Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “belladonna was a great bud. only smoked it once but i remember when picking it up, the nugs were beautiful with a nice smell. the smoke was very smooth, when i smoke i usually have a few coughing fits but i did not cough one time with this very light and tasty smoke. the smoke wasn't tast as in being sweet, but it had a smooth, herbal taste to it. the high was great. it wasn't the most potent bud ive smoked, it ...”

  • “Amazing. great comedown and a really great high”

  • “chill high. was sociable. forgot alot. kind of coffee-ish aftertaste, but i would definitely drink coffee and smoke this”

  • “Pretty nice gentle strain; easy onset with a strong slow high; unusual flavour- smells like the cross it is, but the taste is very much its own.”

  • “tastes good. pretty potent looks pretty overall pretty good bud.”

  • “mellow hypnotic effect. The taste is like slight teriyaki mushroom with liquorice while still maintaining an earthyness.”

  • “My favorite hybrid. Relaxing and euphoric.”

  • “Helps with stress and sleep, great for when your relaxing or going to sleep.”