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Bianca Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smoking my homegrown bud from this hybrid strain. Right off the bat you get an uplifting, creative, buzz thanks to the white widow genetics. I prefer smoking this right before something like playing guitar or writing, rather than before going to bed. The high does turn into a pleasant couch lock eventually. The flavor imo isn't my favorite - it's got an earthy/spice/wood thing happening. Overall I dig it.”

  • “Very nice snell, definitely more of a woodsy smell as opposed to a sweeter of sour smell. Slightly unique smell to say the least. Initial hybrid-like high but quickly turns into a pure indica for me. I wouldn't suggest this one before doing any kind of paper/school work. Great straight for relaxing after a long day. Burns smooth and doesn't taste very harsh.”

  • “It's a good relaxing, calming high, really helps going to sleep. However it really blocks short term memory, like "Why did I walk into this room?" or "What was I just saying?" in the middle of your sentence.”

  • “this along with a few other strains are the first ones that I grew. out of the 7 strains I grew this is my favorite of the bunch. has a good flavor especially through a vape or water pipe and the high is not overwhelming but still strong. I would definitely grow this strain again and has been my go to strain at the moment.”

  • “Tried this for the second time last night. I *love* it. The strain gets me tired, but doesn't make me feel the typical high...which is exactly what I want when i'm going to sleep :)”

  • “Very nice calming feeling. It’s a great strain for just relaxing, without putting me to sleep. Great for anxiety and nausea. And It makes candy taste like it did when you were a kid ☺️ 4.75”

  • “Bianca was the first strain I bought from a dispensary. idk why the name just enticed me into buying it. upon further inspection the nugs of the flower itself were dense and covered in Orange pistils. It was a couchlock strain for me. I only smoked this strain at night because it made me tired, but calm. right now I have 3 Bianca demonized seeds in the ground in veg and they look great overall a great experience with...”