Big Sky OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “great smoke. very strong.i use a hand grinder and if your like me I'd recommend smoking it out of a bong. it's pretty dense so it doesn't smoke great in joints.”

  • “best strain ever”

  • “this is some good smoke I love that s***”

  • “pretty awesome high but only if you’re not doing anything. it felt great to just lay in bed and zone out but when i had to get up and clean and actually get shit done i kinda felt like i was dying. still an 8/10 though. hits hard and feels good man.”

  • “after one blunt my body felt numb as fxxx”

  • “Really good smoke!”

  • “I smoke a J and a few bowls put of my bubbler and this is the first leaf I've got in some time (that 710 life) and it was well worth it. I found myself lost in my mind which is what I love to do stoned but I was still able to get up and cook dinner. Big Sky OG is a deff big high og lol”

  • “amazing of is my favorite, even when I got a little upset sky og found some way to take my mind off of it. such a thought provoking and refreshing og”