Birthday Cake Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • RLO

    “Smells like lemon cake with vanilla icing <3. Very relaxing, totally killed the pain I was having from stomach cramps. Great for winding down at the end of the day.”

  • “Let them puff Cake!!! The flavor is very sweet, with fruity tones. It's got some zing for a Indica dominant strain. I mostly smoke Indica dominant strains, and from time to time I come across one that really stands out and this is one of those strains. This beautiful girl will not give me couch lock instead a nice body high awaits, this bud can induce an active and creative mind making it great for daytime use. This...”

  • “'Wedding cake' is my most favorite strain EVER. I tried it on a chance. Gotten it 5 times since. I am in love with wedding cake! It's amazing FIRE”

  • “We found this as 'Wedding Cake Kush' and it was about as sweet and smooth as expected. Quickly becoming a household favorite.”

  • “smoking is smooth/light. Reminds me of cherry pie. I'm able to function in public. gave me boost of energy,..I'd say it's more of a head high. I would smoke again but I wouldn't be looking for it either.”

  • “the buds I got were just covered in so many crystals ! after putting it in my grinder, I got a ton of kief from a small amount. it's a light and beautiful high with some body effects.”

  • “just awesome.”

  • “One of my favorite strains on the planet I absolutely love Girl Scout cookies and I love cherry pie it takes my pain away I have a bar in my left leg and arthritis up and down my body I was in a bad accident take all the pain away and household repairs that we cannot date night amazing strain 10 out of 10”