Blackberry Chem OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This stuff is awesome, I haven't smoked anything like it in a long time. it's just an all around great feeling, very, very calming and relaxing, boosts your mood and it's not an overwhelming head high”

  • “makes me feel like "im so happy and calm and things are good". Great for when you're really stressed or upset about something.”

  • “This is a very relaxing but buzzy high.”

  • “Blackberry Chem OG by Fireline in Washington State. Tested at 29.3% THC. Beautiful darker green buds totally covered with trichomes and strong shades of purple throughout give this strain an almost breathtaking appearance. Sprinklings of medium sized orange fibers give this bud a gorgeous “blackberry” finish. The aroma however…. was absolutely lackluster. As in it really didn’t exist. Faint notes of berry could be ...”

  • “Frosty, Chemmy and earthy. This strain is the ADD cure all. If you have trouble staying focused or getting shit done, snag a bag of Blackberry Chem OG. You'll be micromanaging your life in no time. When you gotta get shit done, this is a go to strain. Don't smoke this shit come sun down, the head on this strain is a tad strong to promote relaxation.”

  • “Super yummy! A nice mellow high, not too dramatic. A slightly sweet taste, but I caught the Chem more.”

  • “chemy & fruity flavor happy high good for depression good for mid dsy smoking”

  • “Really works great for depression and stress.”