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Blue Galaxy Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Lovely, sweet, blueberry muffin almost flavor on the exhale. Very calming both mind and body, but not too difficult to stay awake and active in small doses.”

  • “mine was just called "galaxy" but very sweet and nice cerebral high. smoked most of the day before a test and was a little too hazy to focus, but scored well on the test 😂”

  • “Lovely, sweet, blueberry muffin almost flavor on the exhale. Very calming, but not difficult to stay alert in small doses.”

  • “One of the ABSOLUTE best I've had so far. I would get stuck on a few thoughts and that resulted in instant, constant laughing! But I felt amazing and famished after! 5 STARS from me!”

  • “One of the best i had, It just became my favorite”

  • “I got this as 'Galaxy' in the Denverland area. Claims are to be extremely potent, but I can tell the difference from other 20 ish strains. Tastes are pretty subtle, but maybe I need to clean my pipe. Smoke definitely leaves a good after taste, and expands when hits the lungs. Good for pain! I would give this a 4.5/5 but that's not an option! This ran me about 20 more than Golden Goat, but I def prefer the GG. Overall...”

  • “Sweet taste and feels good in the lungs. Terrible dry mouth after effect. It hits fast also. Definitely enjoyed it.”

  • “In my zone it's called Galaxy Girl blue berry yummy, hashplant potent. Suppressed joint pain and relaxed stressed body.”