Blueberry OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Takes away all worry and anxiety. Delicious to smoke.”

  • “Very smooth high with an intense blueberry smell and a mixture of the classical og and my beloved blueberry”

  • “Definitely one of the better strains I've had. Indica is dominant to a point and relaxes fatigued muscles a lot better! If you have a sesh with this, get ready to be on your ass.”

  • “Great strain, gives me a good appetite and a good nights sleep.”

  • “The best way I can describe it is it's like a Good cup of coffee, and I'm not talking McDs 1 doller coffee. I'm talking when you wake up and feel like you got run over somehow, even though you know you where in bed all night and even trying to get up is just a energy drainer. Then walk into the kitchen with feet like lead weights ,the sun just burning your retinas like a little kid with a intense laser pointer ,just ...”

  • “This strain looks beautiful and smells AMAZING, but what about the high?? the high is great! I almost immediately started feeling happy.”

  • “I have the oils from kurvana. It's sweet and at first, a little harsh. Really mellows me out. I can still do my job right after a quick nap in the office”

  • 4am

    “Very strong blueberry smell. dense buds, relaxes you quickly but doesn't make you sleepy. Great joint pain medicine.”