Blueberry Pie Reviews

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  • “I'm really surprised more people haven't reviewed this strain! Blue Dream x Girl Scout Cookies couldn't be a more perfect cross. It's super yummy too, leaving a noticeable sugary taste in your mouth.Two strains renowned for their pain reliving effects and euphoric happiness combine to create a powerhouse flower. This is one of those strains that makes you happy to be alive. Great for depression, stress, and pain. It ...”

  • “This strain is exceptional for both medical and recreational use. I personally haven't had many strains where the best of both strains crossed manifests in the new flower, this is the exception. The blue dream portion comes through *amazingly* on this strain. But because of that, I wouldn't recommend this strain for people that are uncomfortable with strong psychedelic effects. This strain starts you off with a dream...”

  • “Good strain for me. Really takes away the stress of the day. I actually feel some pain relief in my shoulder as well. Thanks to Ermont Dispensary in Quincy MA.”

  • “mmmmm so tasty, really tastes like blueberry pie which is crazy lol. really like euphoric high, not too heavy, yet still relaxing. puts a nice smile on my face. tho a hybrid, a great social strain for the night time.”

  • “I was told of the extraordinary taste and indica effects so I grew a clone. I enjoyed this so much I regret not cloning it before it flowered. It tastes like pie and leaves a sweet taste on my tongue and teeth. It is strong, a guy I met in the woods on a hike asked for some meds so I shared a bowl with him. Turns out he's a grower and it blew him away after one hit! Said he was fine so I just smiled and finished...”

  • “a strain thats true to the name. smells just like blueberry pie filling and its effect are awesome. great head high at first then before you know the girl scout kush feeling has you. great strain to keep an eye out id you like blueberry and purps”

  • “Its the perfect combination of my 2 favorite strains. I want to shake the hand of the guy who decided to breed Blue Dream and GSC. find some close to you and go try it.”

  • “This is FIRE all day long . The few times I've seen it , I pick it up. Always happy & relieved of my ailments. You will be happy you tried some.”