California Orange Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “This weed is one of a kind, first of all, it is very smooth for the throat. It smell's good, the buz is the best, when i smoke it alone 2 days ago i started to laugh by myself right after. One negative point is that it give's the dry mouth. Other then that nothing to say bad, just try it and you'll love it.”

  • “I definitely love that strain. The fruity/citrus/orange taste slightly candied really mark you when you first try this bud and gives it's awesome taste that makes you want to smoke more of it. The buzz goes either ways depending on the activity you're doing at the moment you vape it. The first time I felt so horny I thought someone mixed some Viagra or Cialis in my coffee before vaping. I learned not a long time afte...”

  • “The smell is a fantastic citrus aroma with pleasant slightly tart notes. Taste is muted when smoking, I am sure vaporized would be a different experience. I often use this to go to sleep, I have surgical implants in my shoulder, PTSD, and anxiety. Would I recommend this to everyone for "going to sleep"? No, but for my condition it allows me to relax enough to become naturally sleepy. Dry mouth is one drawback, but it...”

  • “An amazing strain. After a few puffs, all my senses were elevated and relaxed. I was swaying to the music of nature. Food tasted the best!! And now I am writing this review.”

  • “The name California Orange represents itself, speaks for itself. Just as that of California. The reminisce of "orange" skies as the sun sets down on the ocean in an empathic and calming manner, so very similar in the bud itself. It often is an uplifting high while enabling you to maintaining a sense of concentration and even feel "not" stoned at times. This is an enjoyable smoke, Easy does it is what it does for ones...”

  • “This strain nowadays still keeps it's magic. You have to see it grow, flower and became a big girl to understand how special it is. Dutch passion here has the real one (trust me, i've tested many others). Most of this strain is about the smell, the resin, the taste, and the floating kinda hippie high that makes you want to have fun, whatever you are doing (even washing dishes or some like that). It's a happy, easy go...”

  • “Very relaxing, easy going strain. I felt calm and deep in thought, but not overwhelmingly deep inside my head like other strains. Didn't feel paranoid, I can function normally and it's a good strain for socialising but also relaxing on the couch. Like every other marijuana strain I've had it elevated my senses so food tasted great but didn't give me massive munchies and sex feels amazing too. Has a beautiful citrus a...”

  • “I absolutely love this strain!¡ I wake up every morning and make some eggs and turkey bacon and then rip the fattest, craziest, haziest, blaziest, dab ever and then I think that I've just drank orange juice!”